Nisos Beach Bar & Restaurant


Continental Breakfast Basket
Fresh bread, jam, honey, butter
2 fried eggs, bacon, tomato, lettuce hearts, pork shoulder, feta cheese
Fresh orange juice, coffee or tea
Eggs Benedict
2 poached eggs, bacon, hollandaise sauce
With fresh vegetables
With cold deli meats and cheese
Traditional scrambled eggs with tomato, feta cheese and oregano
Yogurt With Honey
Almonds, red fruits
Milk, oats, nuts, fresh fruits
Sweet Bread
Deep fried in a sugary crust, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream, chocolate
Fresh seasonal fruits

Finger food

Club Sandwich
Cooked bacon, chicken, iceberg lettuce, tomato, edam, ham & mayonnaise on toasted bread
served with chips
Βeef Burger
Cheddar, tomato, caramelized onion & truffle cream
Chicken Burger
Cheddar, tomato, mayonnaise, herbs & pickled cucumber
Katsu Sando
Crispy fried chicken, pickled cucumber & gribiche dressing
Open Pita with Souvlaki
With belly pork, caramelized in whiskey & BBQ sauce, mustard & potato wedges seasoned with herbs
Open Flatbread
With basil pesto, cream cheese, marinated artichokes & rocket
Extra smoked salmon with dill at an extra charge
With beef shank, mushroom cream, avocado cream, melted cheese & bull veggie mayo
Tuna Carpaccio ’’Pizza’’
On a crispy tortilla, with truffle oil, tomato, coriander & unagi saucet


Seasonal vegetables
Oven-baked Feta Cheese
With baby tomatoes, peppers & basil pesto
Potato Croquettes
Avocado cream sauce, chorizo oil & prosciutto
Vegetable Burek
Spinach, fennel on buttermilk
Grilled on fregula with pumpkin cream & dried local sausage
Grilled sun-dried octopus, on Santorinian fava (yellow split peas) with caramelized coccary onion
Steamed with white wine, ginger & herbs
Sautéed with chimichurri on parsnips
Fillet with black garlic, mustard & metsovone cheese, on mashed potatoes
With spinach, lemongrass, pine nuts & potato gnocch


Tuna – raw
Carpaccio marinated in passion fruit, avocado cream & fried onions
Veal – raw
Tartare with smoked paprika cream, marinated artichokes, dried roe & caper
Sea Bass – raw
Ceviche, marinated in mandarin, pickled pineapple & marinated wakame


With guanciale & fresh parmesan
With wild mushrooms, black truffle aroma & Cretan cheese (graviera)
With spaghetti, vodka, dill & crème fraîche
With shrimp, oyster sauce, cognac & tomato
With pappardelle, tomato & saffron, served with dry anthotiro (local white cheese)
With tripoline, mushrooms & sour milk dip


Salad Leaves
With grilled manouri (white goat cheese), roasted hazelnuts, sour apple, mint, olive oil & balsamic vinegar
Caesar Salad
With chicken & crispy croutons, parmesan & iceberg
Greek Salad
Tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, olives, feta cheese & crushed rusk
Rocket, basil oil, baby tomatoes & strawberries
Spreads 3
Tzatziki, fish roe dip, spicy cheese dip
Served with sourdough bread from the wood oven & virgin olive oil


Fresh Fish
Grilled with boiled greens & vegetables
Jumbo Shrimps
Grilled with boiled greens & vegetables or with spaghetti & shrimp sauce with fresh tomato
Grilled with boiled greens & vegetables or with spaghetti & shrimp sauce with fresh tomato
Rib Eye
Black Angus (boneless sirloin)
Served with baby potatoes & grilled vegetables
Tagliata (boneless sirloin)
Served with rocket & grated parmesan

Sushi Bar Menu

Veggies Spring Rolls
Delicate fresh island mixed vegetables with vermicelli noodles & chef’s asiatic spices, crunchy fried with sweet & sour sweet chili sauce
Nigiri & Sashimi Combo (22pcs.)
Nigiri (10pcs.)
Eel (2pcs.)
Tuna (2pcs.)
Salmon (2pcs.)
Shrimp (2pcs.)
Sea Bass (2pcs.)

Sashimi (12pcs.)
Tuna (4pcs.)
Salmon (4pcs.)
Sea Bass (4pcs.)

NIGIRI (4pcs)

Oblong formed sushi rice topped with slice fresh fish or seafood, seared or cooked
Sea Bass
Eel (BBQ)

Sashimi (6pcs)

A slice of raw or seared fresh fish fillet
Sea Bass


The Vegetarian Maki Roll
Maki roll with asparagus, carrots, avocado, cucumber, daikon & wakame
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Crisp fried shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, chili mayo glazed with honey balsamic sauce
California Roll
With crab meat stick & tartar, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, dusted with tobiko caviar
New Yorker Τempura Fried Roll with Sea Bass
Tempura fried roll with sea bass, cheddar cheese, avocado & daikon topped with a mild spicy tartar glazed in mango miso sauce
Yakuza Salmon Roll
Fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber, daikon, wakame, cream cheese & mango miso sauce
Geisha Crunchy Roll
Crunchy fried shrimp, manouri cheese, wakame, avocado, cucumber, panko flakes, chef’s sauce & masago caviar
Hiroshima Spicy Tuna Roll
Seared tuna, asparagus, avocado, mushroom, roll topped with spicy tartar tuna splash in dynamite kabayaki sauce
Teriyaki Salmon Roll
Salmon tempura, avocado, cucumber topped with salmon slices, seared to perfection with our chef’s teriyaki sauce
Kamikaze Sunset Roll
Golden fried shrimp tempura, cucumber & avocado roll topped with crab meat tartar & crunchy tobiko caviar

premium signature rolls (8pcs)

Inside out rolls
Hawaiian Roll
Inside crab meat stick & tartar, asparagus, wakame, mango strips topped with slices of avocado, tiger shrimp, caramelized walnut & polynesian sweet chili sauce
The Black Ninja Roll
Salmon tempura, crab meat, wakame, avocado dressed with barbecued slice eel, seared to perfection with kabayaki sauce
Nisos Crystal Rainbow Roll
California roll topped with slices of sea bass, tuna, salmon, shrimp, a duet of tobiko & chef’s sauces
A combination of color & flavor
Amora’s Summer Beach Roll
Truffled robata beef rib eye, asparagus, avocado, mushroom enclose with air-dried beef bresaola, drizzle with red wine passion fruit coulis & a touch of golden kataifi pastry

our chef's combo

Varieties of chef's specialties
Emperor’s Combination (44pcs.)
Tartar Salmon (1pc./mound)
Nigiri Sushi (10 pcs.)
Tuna, salmon, sea bass & shrimp
Sashimi (9 pcs.)
Sea bass, tuna & salmon
Sushi Roll (24 pcs)
Salmon teriyaki, shrimp tempura & spicy tuna

Kids Menu

Chicken Nuggets
Served with chips
Fish Fillet in Breadcrumbs
Served with chips
Pizza Margherita
With tomato sauce & cheese
Tomato & Cucumber Salad
With extra virgin olive oil


Panna Cotta
Made with white chocolate, red fruit compote
With peanut cream & fresh fruit
Chocolate with salty caramel & strawberry
Nisos Τower (for 2 persons)
Ice cream tower with sour cherries, chocolate & salted caramel
Seasonal fruit
Ice cream & Sorbet (per scoop)
Ask us about the flavors we can offer

All the food in our menu is cooked using 100% fresh raw materials.

We use 100% extra virgin olive oil & fry in sunflower oil

In case of any allergies or intolerances, please contact the restaurant manager. We will be happy to inform you about the ingredients used in our dishes.

All dishes may contain traces of wheat, barley, rye or triticale.

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